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This year
Debunked: Images of Tommy Bowe being escorted by gardaí and PSNI officers are fake
A number of fake images with links appeared on Facebook and Instagram earlier this month
FactFind: What is contained in the proposed SPHE syllabus about sex and gender?
A draft document that acknowledges the existence of trans people has caused a stir
Debunked: There is no such thing as 'asymptomatic' climate change
An image doctored to look like a headline of a news website has been shared widely online.
Debunked: Ireland does not have a higher rate of Jobseeker's Allowance for migrants
An image has been shared widely on social media purporting to show a jobseeker’s payment.
Debunked: Death Valley Park Rangers were joking wearing jackets and gloves during record temperatures
A conspiracy theorist tried to use the image to claim that record high temperatures are propaganda.
Debunked: A video claiming Prince Harry asked Cillian Murphy if he was British has been doctored
A video purporting to show the two having a conversation has gone viral on Twitter, where it has been viewed millions of times.
Debunked: Are a Senator’s maps showing potential Safe Access Zones around hospitals accurate?
A bill aims to outlaw anti-abortion campaigning within 100 metres of some healthcare centres.
Debunked: Draft SPHE syllabus doesn't say Critical Race Theory will be taught on Leaving Cert
A consultation draft saying privileged people should support minority groups has caused a stir online.
How much of a pay cut did Ryan Tubridy really take after 2020?
The presenter’s pay has been the subject of scrutiny for weeks.
Debunked: The official US women’s soccer team did not lose 12-0 to a team of Wrexham 'veterans'
The claim has been shared misleadingly online.
FactCheck: Will the EU Nature Restoration Law turn Lapland’s capital into a forest?
“Don’t kick Santa out of his house,” a tweet by the European People’s Party begins.
Debunked: Screenshot of headline about far-right conspiracy theories being true is fabricated
The alleged author of the article said she was targeted by “trolls”
Debunked: Footage from an attack in the US has been re-shared to blame refugees in Ireland
CCTV footage from Phoenix, Arizona, showed a brutal assault
Debunked: Dialing 55 during an emergency in Ireland won't alert a phone operator to a 'silent' call
But ringing 999 multiple times and hanging up will alert Gardaí
Debunked: 'Cloud factory' clip released on 1 April doesn't show that humans control the weather
One edited video was viewed on TikTok 1.6 million times
A global summit on combatting misinformation starts today - sign up here for updates
The Journal is in South Korea to attend Global Fact 10.
Debunked: No evidence for claims by anti-immigrant activist of attempted abduction in Kerry
A alleged “suspicious approach to a child” had previously been reported in local media.
Debunked: Guardian article doesn't say, as fake pic implies, hot June weather proves climate change
“Another faked headline,” George Monbiot wrote, “and another confederation of dunces falling for it”.
FactCheck: Abortion bill still many stages away from passing into law
The lengthy passage from bill to law has led to confusion.
Debunked: Cycle ride misreported to link it with controversial issues involving trans athletes
The TransAtlanticWay ride has become an unlikely focus of controversy.
FactFind: What is the Pandemic Treaty? And will it erode national sovereignty?
The first 50 results on Twitter for “pandemic treaty” rail against it, claiming it wrests control of the food supply, or that the UN will arrest and forcibly vaccinate people.
Debunked: Fake Tommy Tiernan interview with Eamon Ryan is part of a cryptocurrency fraud network
“We just got an urgent call from the Bank of Ireland. They demand to stop this broadcast right this second…”
Debunked: Confusion over news article helps spread baseless claims about Pandemic Treaty
A letter sent by Conservative MPs has been used to allege a treaty will cede sovereignty to the WHO.
Factfind: PBP-proposed housing amendment isn't intended to evict people from their homes
Supporters say the proposal to “delimit the right to private property” would protect tenants.
Debunked: Video arguing migrants will damage Ireland relies on false claims and statistics
‘Our children’s future is in peril’, the video says, citing news organisations with strong racist links
FactFind: What is the relationship between social inequality, drug use and drug-related harms?
A report by
Shane Raymond
A survey shows consequences of drugs differ across socio-economic levels, even as the prevalence of use doesn’t.
Debunked: No, a UN report doesn't call to decriminalise sex 'between adults and children'
The document, which wasn’t written by the UN, argues that the same age of consent should apply regardless of gender or marital status.
Debunked: WEF hasn’t declared ‘water is not a human right’ or ordered governments to ration it
The World Economic Forum is a regular target of misinformation.
Debunked: Video of attack at shopping centre wasn’t filmed at Liffey Valley, but San Francisco
Captions shared with the video tried to blame the attack on immigrants.
FactCheck: Is the Govt correct to claim that 400 people are buying their first home every week?
A report by
Shane Raymond
Last week, a Government statement included a suggestion from the Taoiseach that 400 people in Ireland are buying their first home every week.
FactFind: Was the 2008 crash caused by building too many houses?
A report by
Shane Raymond
A suggestion Ireland risks building too many homes ignited controversy.
Experts said that too many homes had been built where there was little demand.
“The laws of supply and demand ... were not applying to the housing market" - inquiry chairman.
However, economists said the current demand for homes is far from being met.
Debunked: Safety sheet used to show an edible coating is risky is actually for a cleaning fluid
A safety sheet says people should seek immediate medical attention after swallowing Apeel.
'They're preparing us for something': Irish conspiracy groups latch onto UK's public alert test
Why are multiple governments rolling out warning systems, if not to announce aliens?
Debunked: No, Scotland is not reducing motorway speed limits to 30mph due to climate change
Misleading headlines in British tabloids, as well as tweets from an account known for misinformation, spread the claim.
FactCheck team wins Media Literacy Media Champion award at inaugural MLI awards
The team was recognised for providing the public with tools to identify good quality information.
FactCheck: Does Ireland collect more corporate tax per person than almost any other EU country?
Ireland collects much of its taxes from companies, but how much compared to the rest of the EU?
Debunked: An Irish news headline about 'pregnant men at risk from climate change' is fake
The doctored screenshot was shared by an Australian Senator.
Debunked: Claims of Dungarvan attacks by foreign nationals are baseless, according to Gardaí
An investigation resulted in the arrest of a woman for allegedly making a false report.
Debunked: No, vaccinated people are not more likely to have heart problems from being jabbed
The risk of myocarditis from COVID-19 far outweighs the risk from vaccines
Debunked: Video of fatal explosion used to falsely claim that electric cars are dangerous
One person was killed after an explosion involving a Compressed Natural Gas tank