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The Journal was established in 2010 to serve an age where just reporting the news is no longer enough. Journalism has to be more relevant and meaningful.

We’re dedicated to keeping people well-informed and involved in the issues that are shaping Ireland.

We listen to what’s relevant to you and bring you reliable information with good context and clear explanations.

We are independent, fair and make news available to everyone whether you can pay for it or not.

Your support ensures we can keep questioning, investigating, debunking, explaining and informing.

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Support from our audience has a direct impact on the depth of news service we can provide. It allows us to do more, to go beyond breaking to the big picture.

We take the revenue provided by readers as your permission to fund new ways to explore, explain and meaningfully engage with what is happening in Ireland.

Some news organisations would call this premium content and put it beyond a paywall. Your support allows us to produce premium content and let everyone reap the benefit of it.



Our investigative unit, Noteworthy, takes you inside important stories on issues as diverse as climate and the environment, health and social inequity.

This work has serious impact; winning multiple awards, international journalistic collaborations, citations in Dáil Éireann and academic projects.



It is essential to establish facts from noise. From political claims to Covid-19 misinformation, our FactCheck unit - the only one in Ireland - brings you clarity, transparency and balance so you can make well-informed decisions.

We set up FactCheck in 2016 to proactively expose false or misleading information and provide ways to help identify misinformation. Find out how here.

Making Sense

The Explainer

Complex issues need clear explanations. We make sense of why something matters and bring it to you with context and in plain language.

Explainer articles and our weekly podcast The Explainer - an Apple top choice in its very first year - gather experts to bring clarity to the stories we’re all talking about.


The Good Information Project

Through live regional events, surveys and Q&As our journalists and audiences come together to identify knowledge gaps in critical issues facing our country. We then make good information easily accessible in podcasts, videos, articles and social stories.

Make sure to check out the 15 big topics we covered in the last couple of years here.



This is our section for opinion pieces as diverse as our audience. We believe a wide mix of viewpoints helps build a better understanding.

We feature an inclusive range of authors who are either experts or have had first-hand experience of the given topic.


Polls & Comments

We want to be informed by the voices of our readers. Our daily polls pose questions we have as a community; our comment section, while challenging at times, gives a read on the temperature of the nation.

We offer these as ways to connect without interference. You can find out why here.

Providing context


Our newsletters answer the question “What do I need to know about this?” The aim is to deliver good quality information and context in a way that is convenient to you.

We offer news round-up newsletters (including daily business news in Morning Memo) as well as topic-specific ones like Coronavirus and Temperature Check (climate change). You can sign up here.


Access For All

A mix of advertising and reader’s support helps keep paywalls away from our valuable information, investigations, factchecks. Because you deserve a news service that really gets you - whether you can pay for it or not.


Open Newsroom

We want to connect with you to deliver relevant and meaningful news for Ireland.

We are committed to transparency and sharing how and why we do things the way we do.

We refer to this as having an open newsroom. More than that, we invite you inside through a personal newsletter from our editorial leads, lunchtime webinars with our team and other numerous ways to contact us directly with your feedback and ideas.

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Advertising is an essential source of income for news publishers. It has enabled us to bring our journalism to as many people as possible free of charge, but local and national news publishers like us are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet.

As digital advertising develops, advertisers are moving from supporting local news to buying ads in global technology companies. We are very grateful to the companies that continue to buy advertising with us. They make it possible to offer you our journalism without paywalls. But simply put, to give you the quality of information you deserve, we need to complement advertising revenue with other income.

This chart shows the percentage of revenue we received from each income stream in the last two years.

We need to grow our reader’s support significantly to be able to maintain and improve the news service you rely on. And we need this support to be as regular as your use of our services.

If you get value from our service, care to have independent Irish news in your community or simply enjoy The Journal, please consider supporting us. For just the price of a coffee a week you can help keep our news open to all.